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Jugtown Pottery Est. 1917

 The Jugtown Sales Cabin

The Jugtown Sales Cabin

Jugtown Pottery is open year round, Tuesday - Saturday - 8:30-5:00. We keep a good selection of new pieces in the Sales Cabin through regular firings. We look forward to your visit!

Now Available Online: Jugtown Pottery 1917-2017: A Century of Art and Craft in Clay by Stephen C. Compton. Click Here for more details.

Schedule of New Pots in the Sales Cabin

Saturday, October 20 - Pottery ID and Traditional Salt Glaze Kiln Opening
Last year, we started this event to assist anyone looking to find out more about old pottery and how it relates to what we do here at Jugtown today. The Owens family of Jugtown and North Carolina Pottery Historian Steve Compton will be on hand to look at your old pots and identify them. We will also have new pots in the shop from a recent firing of the historic Jugtown Groundhog kiln. If you have an old piece of pottery you've always wanted to know more about, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about where it came from and how it was made!

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