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Jugtown Pottery Est. 1917

The Jugtown Sales Cabin

The Jugtown Sales Cabin

Jugtown Pottery is open year round, Tuesday - Saturday - 8:30-5:00. We keep a good selection of new pieces in the Sales Cabin through regular firings. We look forward to your visit!

Now Available Online: Jugtown Pottery 1917-2017: A Century of Art and Craft in Clay by Stephen C. Compton. Click Here for more details.

Schedule of New Pots in the Sales Cabin

Saturday, March 9
New pots in the shop from the Gas Fired Kiln
Serving pieces in Soft Iron with Red, Cornwall with Blue, and Lavender; also vases in Copper Red, Weathered Bronze, and Blue Ridge Blue with Red, and more - we will have a great selection of pieces!
Shop Online page offers pots just out of the kiln for those who can’t make it to Jugtown.

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