Jugtown Pottery
330 Jugtown Road,
Seagrove, NC 27341



Jugtown Pottery, a working pottery and an American Craft Shop, is located in a grove of trees and bamboo eight miles south of Seagrove, NC in the community of Westmoore.

It is just off Busbee Road, a road named for Jacques and Juliana Busbee, the founders of Jugtown. Both artists, with a love of pottery, they began stamping Jugtown pieces in 1922, after running a Tea and American Craft shop in New York City beginning in 1917.

Today Jugtown follows the same approach to pottery as laid out by the Busbee's. Vernon Owens, recipient of the NC Folk Heritage Award and the NEA National Heritage Fellowship, wife Pam, son Travis and daughter Bayle are the main potters; while Bobby Owens mixes clay and glazes the pieces.

Form comes first, a simple continuous line, then a complimentary glaze and occasional decoration. These handmade pieces that are either wood or gas fired. Drawing from the tradition, you will find traditional jugs and candlesticks in wood fired salt glaze and frogskin, and tableware's in green, blue, brown and gray. You will also find deceptively simple vases, bowls and jars in glazes made with wood ash, local clays, copper reds, greens and iron earthtones.

Ikuko Hussey, Brenda Schmidt and Aaron Cinque work in the Sales cabin and Glaze room.


soup tureen

Schedule of Pots in the Jugtown Pottery Shop

Friday, March 21 - Two Kilns out in the shop

Wood Fired Pieces will include Copper Red, Chinese Blue, Frogskin, Decorated Jugs and Pitchers

Gas Fired Pieces will include Peach Bloom, Tobacco Spit with Red, Cornwall, Weathered Bronze, Lavender, Decorated Platters and Dishes


Saturday, March 22 - Greensboro Historical Museum
Join Travis Owens and the Museum Shop as they Celebrate Greensboro's Birthday!

Friday, April 4 - NC Pottery Collector's Guild
Vernon and Bobby Owens will be the Guild's Guest Speakers to talk about the John Mare era at Jugtown.
Meeting begins at 7:00 with the talk at 7:30

April 4-25 - Campbell House Galleries
Moore County Arts Council Presents:
The Busbee Road Potters: Where Art & History Meet
Opening Reception, Friday, April 4 6:00-8:00 PM



Vernon Owens

Pam Owens

Travis Owens


Bayle Owens



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